Monday, September 23, 2013

[Music Video] @Pohhla - Louis Louis | @ValleyTV News 24/7 Online

Chicago artist "Pohhla" of "Dough Street Entertainment" lands his new hit single "Louis Louis"

An amazing song comes into play when Chicago artist "Pohhla" released his new hit single "Louis Louis" 

Request It On Power 92 (Chicago)

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

[Music Video] @Mrdevin2xx - Only 4 The Real (Shot by @J_OnesFilms of @ValleyTV)

Video Description:
@Mrdevin2xx Team Wealth Exclusive!!!!!!
Shot & Edited By @J_Onesfilms of VTV.

 Artist: Devin 2xx | @MrDevin2xx
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@JoelQuentez - Couple Niggas (Feat @Official_Tink) | @ValleyTV [Music Video]

Shot and Edited by @_TaylorBanks
Produced by Dj L 
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@TheReal_LouisB x @TheReal_Jank - Double Cups & Big Butts | Hosted by @RealDjLouieV (Prod. @WhoIsKidDream)


Chicago artists: "Louis B" Of #LouisBoyzEnt releases his newest single "Double Cups & Big butts" featuring "Jank" of LeagueBoii Ent. | Hear It first on Valley TV | Released & Hosted by his official Dj : Dj Louie V.

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@Kwony_Cash - "Feelings" (Dj Trent Gates Exclusive) | @ValleyTV

New Exclusive song from "Kwony Cash" Mixed & Hosted by MTMDjs very own : DJ Trent Gates

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Waka Flocka Says "Molly Is The New Crack" | via @ValleyTV News 24/7 Online

"Waka Flocka Says Molly Is The ‘New Crack’

Waka Flocka is not a fan of the new drug craze that is sweeping the Hip Hop arena and the nation.

Waka vented his frustrations against Molly, a powdered or crystallized form of MDMA, during an interview with Hot 97.

Molly use induces feelings of euphoria and sexual arousal.

“Them mollies is dangerous, man,” The “Grove Street Party” rapper said. “For the record, molly just crystal meth. Yall ni**as is on crystal meth. Yall ni**as eating crystal meth. These ni**as don’t even know, yall eating crystal meth mixed with ecstasy.”

Crystal meth is a shortened term of methamphetamine. Crystal meth refers to the crystalline form of methamphetamine.

Crystal meth is often smoked through a glass pipe in similar fashion to how crack is smoked.

Crystal meth gives its user a long lasting high, but long-term use can pose dangerous side affects, including extreme weight loss, insomnia, violence, decayed teeth, brain damage and paranoia, to name a few.

“…That’s truck driver drugs, man. These ni**as is on ice,” Waka continued. “The crystal shit is meth! These ni**as is meth heads. I seen a ni**a on meth. I just came back. Yo, this ni**a look mad old. This ni**a like 19. I’m like ni**a, you look like you fu*king 30. How the hell your face get that old? This ni**a is on the f*cking ice. It’s the new crack!”

The Bricksquad Monopoly front man is even scaling back his use of alcohol and marijuana.

“I’m cool with the alcohol. The weed is crazy, too,” he said. “I can’t f*ck with weed no more. I downsized on the smoke. These ni**as smoking chemical. That shit is too strong. You smoking shit now like come on my ni**a. That shit is putting you to sleep.

“In L.A., these niggas put me on, they got some kind of bugs that be on the weed that make the weed look frosty like mites or some kind of bugs,” he said. “It’s dead bugs on the weed. Ni**as thinking that’s some fruity flavored weed, but it’s dead bugs you smoking.”

Watch Waka Flocka’s Hot 97 interview

Friday, September 13, 2013

[Video Shoot] @KingHood773 x @Holly_Good_Hoe - Friday, Sept. 13th | 5pm~??

Come join Chicago Artists "King Hood" & "Holly G." turn up & celebrate on camera for their new hit song "Man Down" !! Friday , September 13, 2013. | BE HERE OR BE GONE | Shot by @RioProdBXC

For Location information contact: (Dj Louie V) 224-324-7977 or Text 773-703-6025

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[Behind Scenes Footage]

Thursday, September 12, 2013

[Music Video] @_LaStylez - "Still Down" | @FinalInvasion @ValleyTV

Chicago Artist: "La'Stylez"
[Video - Still Down]

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TTU (To Turn Up) 
Twerk (Feat. Prince Privacy) 
Freebie Freestyle 
Final Invasions Youtube Channel
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Mally stakz - The Struggle :: @MallyStakzYND @RealDjLouieV @808MobGang @MixtapeMurderer

Mally Stakz releases his 6th Mixtape "The Struggle" after enduring several run ins with everyday life. Even though their studio burned down they continue to display dedication & progress towards music. This mixtape is truly ground breaking! Its as if you can actually feel his pain that he suffered during his struggle in life, through the lyrics in his music. What an outstanding & amazing artist. This mixtape is also packed with features with some of the hottest artist coming out of New York such as Niko , Tip Dollas , Young Bhippy , & more. Mally Stakz Representing Uptown Bronx , New York (White Plain RD.) & his official Dj: Dj Louie V representing southside (wild 100's) Chicago , IL set records with this pre-album mixtape.

More Music & Photos:
@MallyStakzYND | Mally Stakz
@RealDjLouieV | Dj Louie V / DJ L.V.
@808MobbGang | Y.N.D Ziggy 



Tuesday, September 10, 2013

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

[Music Video] @Dotarachi / 485 ft @Official_Tink - OTS (Off The Shitz) - Shot By @RioProdBXC

[Music Video]  485 ft Tink - OTS (Off The Shitz) - Shot By @RioProdBXC

Another hit song surfacing from the streets of Chicago.
"Tink" of  L.E.M Collaborate with fellow Chicago artists "S.Dot , Ben Rockett & Prince Snoop" of 485 Music Group to release this anthem!

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Director / Editor


Ben Rockett
 Prince Snoop
Powered By @ChicagoMovement

Friday, September 6, 2013

@LilChrisKtown x @RealJayFlow - "I Just Wanna" (Prod. By @MushMillions) Mixed By @RealDjLouieV

@LilChrisKtown x @RealJayFlow - "I Just Wanna Be" (Prod. By @MushMillions) Mixed By Dj Louie V | @Valleytv
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Song Discription:
New Chicago Artist Jayflow links up with Lil Chris on this track produced by Mush Millions. With DJ LOUIE V hosting the song, Mush producing, and CBMIX on the buttons, the track is flawless from end to finish. This is the second Jayflow/KTG collaboration. Is there more to come??

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