Friday, December 27, 2013

[Dj Louie V & DJ Shay V] Single Releases & Mixtape Hosting packages via @ValleyTV

 Get your song released and promoted by Dj Louie V & over 5 other Dj coalitions. Mixtape hosting ,mixing , album art, & livemixtape packages are also available for purchasing.

Deals & Packages
Buyer Name, Email, & State
Package 1: $100
Mixtape Hosting, Mixing, Upload to 3 main stream websites such as (, HotNewHipHop.Com ,, Youtube) , 1 free exclusive/Single release, Heavy Promo for 1week, followed by light prmo for up to 3months. 

Package 2: $180
Mixtape Hosting, Mixing, Album Art (Mixtape Cover), Upload to 5 main stream websites, 2 free exclusive/Single release, Heavy Promo for 3 weeks, followed by light prmo for up to 3months, Sponsored mixtape on & , Stack Or Starve Approved Stamp, & Professional drops from over 5 Dj coalitions.

Package 3: $300
Mixing Hosting, Mixing, Album Art, Upload + 10 Websites, 3 free exclusives/single releases Stack Or Starve Approved Stamp,  Official MTMDjs press release, 1 month Campaign (Heavy promo for 30days) followed by light promotions for up to 4months, Submission to 15+ Blog sites
"We murder yo tracks, not yo stacks"

 Sale Ends 2/14/2014 
for full package click link below:

DJ Shay V Mixtape Hosting & Single Releases

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